The perfume bottle nozzle should not be spray-like


When the perfume bottle nozzle does not spray properly, there may be several reasons:

Check the mouth of the perfume bottle: Make sure that the mouth of the bottle is fully open and that nothing obstructs the work of the pump head. If necessary, use alcohol or water to clean the pump head housing and pipe interfaces. 

Clean pump head: Clogged pump head may result in inability to spray. The pump head can be cleaned with alcohol or water, and the pump head can be removed before cleaning to prevent liquid overflow.

Adjust the pump head connection: If there is a problem with the pump head connection to the bottle, try turning the pump head slightly to restore the correct connection.

Heat the liquid: If the liquid is thick, you can heat the perfume bottle in a container to make it more liquid.

Pressurized gas: By dipping the bottom of the sprayer into warm water and lifting it quickly, bubbles are formed, thereby increasing the air pressure and helping to spray the liquid.

Unclog the blowhole: If the nozzle is blocked inside, use a toothpick or other small tool to gently poke the blowhole and try to remove possible dirt. 2

Check the nozzle or nozzle: If the nozzle itself is damaged, it may be necessary to replace the same model or compatible nozzle. 3

Replace the perfume tube: If the pipe in the perfume bottle is damaged or blocked, you can consider replacing the perfume tube.

Replace the perfume bottle: If the sprinkler problem persists, consider pouring the perfume into a new perfume bottle to make sure the new bottle is clean.

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