Shipment of 40k roll on bottles


Yesterday 20k 15ml roll on bottles and 20k 30ml roll on bottles are loaded and sent away from our factory.

For the water yield of the roll ball,different customers have different requirements.No matter what flow rate you want,our roller can meet your requirement and dispenses well.Moreover,some clients have a concern of roll ball pops out of plastic housing when customers apply pressure,but our ball hemming area is large enough in the plastic housing,so this problem won’t be happened,you can rest assured.

Both 15ml and 30ml roller bottles are with aluminum cap.The aluminum lid can be scratched easily,so we line them up in a row to avoid scratches even though we have to pay higher cost in this way.At least 98% suppliers in the market only pack all the aluminum caps directly into one bag,they don’t think considerately as us and they aren’t willing to pay higher cost.

Strict quality inspection from our QC team during production and before each shipment.We well know that each import is not easy,it takes you a lot of money and efforts,so we insist to make 120% quality insurance of your goods before shipment.That is why we have been in this industry of perfume bottles for many years,but our defective ratio is even low to 2.5%.If you meet any quality problem,you can contact us anytime and we will get back to you at the first time.

We ship all empty roller ball bottles by wooden pallet.Firstly,glass roller ball bottles are fragile,shipped by wooden pallet can effectively prevent damage.Secondly,it can prevent losing empty roll on bottles during long time shipment.Besides,in order to maximize safe and intact shipment of oil roller bottles to the customer's hands,we have stressed with our forwarder that the pallets cannot be removed during transportation.

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